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BBQ spit tips: The most common question

Recently we asked BBQ spitmaster, Terry McEvoy of Spithouse, about the number 1 question he gets asked from spit roasters and this is what he had to say…

“Well, punters at the markets often ask for a taste, but I tell them “I did not get this fat by sharing my food!”

On a more serious note, I normally get asked about the time it takes to spit roast different meats. To that question, I tell them I tend to use this as a general rule of thumb:

Lamb – 1 hour per kilogram
Pork – 1 hour 20 minutes per kilogram
Beef – 40 minutes per kilogram
Chicken – 2 hours for a size 16 chicken

And I just have to mention that the best thing about cooking on the spit is the flavours you can add to your roast by either using a dry rub before you cook or basting the meat with a liquid as you’re cooking. I have tried mustard pickles under chicken skin, marmalade glaze on pork and vegemite on my lamb (as well as heaps of other spices and vices)!”

To try out the vegemite lamb Terry’s referring to, click Aussie Lamb Roast BBQ Recipe and chicken lovers click Grilled Chicken BBQ Recipe. For tips on lighting your spit roast, visit BBQ tips.