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BBQ recipes from Perth road trip, Part 2

We love the taste of pizza that’s been cooked on the BBQ… especially using homemade dough.

Following on from our previous post on Nathan’s month long road trip, below is his Homemade Camp Oven Pizza BBQ recipe

“The base is easy enough to make and the topping generally consists of anything in my fridge. Similar to the Kilpatrick, I used gravel (but not as much) to raise the height closer to the lid. I wrapped a large enamel saucer with foil and used this as a pizza tray (greased lightly).

The dough is roughly one cup of flour, a splash of olive oil and a good pinch of salt combined. To this I slowly add beer (usually from the one I’m drinking) stirring the whole time until it reaches a doughy consistency. This dough can be treated like any other; i.e. by adding more beer or flour to adjust the texture. The dough can be left for an hour covered because similar to bread, the yeast in the beer will cause it to rise a little. I then apply this over my pizza tray/saucer in a pizza base kinda way and bake in the oven for fifteen minutes or so. It won’t completely cook through but it gives it a crisp outside crust and is easier to add toppings too.

Let it cool slightly and I use a good dollop of tomato paste and a good dollop of crushed garlic smeared all over the base to form the sauce.

For this recipe I used a jar of char-grilled vegetables (from Woolies, contains capsicum, eggplant, etc. grilled and preserved in oil), some ham and feta. After that I sprinkle some grated cheddar (only due to no mozzarella). Another good cheese to use with the chargrilled vegetables is bocconcini sliced up. It melts in the heat but maintains a really rubbery texture.

Place back into camp oven, lid upside down again, Heat Beads® briquettes on top. Takes about another fifteen minutes or until the toppings look done. Can usually hear it cooking as well.

Other toppings I’ve used in the past include green prawns (shelled), slices of flake (firmer flesh, holds together better), oysters, roasted beetroot, roasted pumpkin, chicken…. open imagination here.”

For how-to-light tips for your camp oven, kettle or open grill BBQ, visit BBQ tips.

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