Terry’s Aussie Lamb Roast BBQ Recipe

Terry McEvoy of Spithouse is a great friend and supporter of the Heat Beads® brand. Today he shares his very own Aussie Lamb Roast recipe with us.

Terry’s Aussie Lamb Roast BBQ Recipe




  • good size leg (The lambs… not yours… idiot!)
  • a couple of sprigs of Aunty Rosemary
  • a few teaspoons of crushed garlic
  • a big lump of vegemite (Yes, I said bloody vegemite)


Light your spit as per instructions.

Cut a couple of pockets into the lamb.

Mull up some garlic and rosemary sprigs and shove the mix into the lambs pockets.

Trowel a heap of vegemite all over the leg of lamb.

Have a beer and a lie down.

Whack it on the spit for a couple of hours.

Squeeze some extra lemon on it while it’s cooking.

I chuck some rosemary sprigs on the coals as it cooks.

Let it sit for about 10 minutes before you carve.

It puts a red rose in every cheek… or a red nose on some!


Preparation time = 1 stubby (20 minutes).

Cooking time = 6 stubbies (2 hours… if you don’t get caught).

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