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Winter Roast Series: Lamb BBQ recipes & tips

Smoke: The wow factor
Lamb is probably one of the most roasted meats, so how do you take yours to the next level? Add smoke, of course. Let Adrian Richardson show you how it’s done in this handy video.

Slow Roast Leg of Lamb BBQ Recipe*
Now try his very own Slow Roast Leg of Lamb BBQ recipe. Remember, you’ll be cooking using the Indirect Method with the lid on (Watch the video as Adrian explains cooking with the lid on and off.)

*This recipe is also available in our BBQ Taste Mate App (since updated to bring you a smoother, sleeker, snappier experience).

A versatile dry rub
Perhaps you want to make your mark & do it on your own. Then let’s start with a good, all-purpose dry rub BBQ recipe and you can go from there. Good luck!

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