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Winter Roast Series: Chicken BBQ recipes & tips

Even our dreams are laced with thoughts of roasts these days.

Today, let’s chat about the versatile, budget-friendly white meat: Chicken.

Beer Butt Chicken BBQ Recipe


No matter how many times we mention this, there is always someone in the group who is amazed (read: gobsmacked) at the idea of stuffing a beer can up an animal’s behind.

Any beer is fine really, but some people prefer using dark beers for a more robust flavour. Remember to add some herbs/garlic into the can as well. When the roast is done, some have suggested using the remaining liquid (in the beer can) as a base for a sauce. At this point, the chicken is so tasty and tender that we’ve never felt the need for it.

*You’ll also find this recipe in our BBQ Taste Mate App.

Spit Roast Chicken BBQ Recipe


Here’s another way to get your roast fix. We like to call spit roasting a great “spectator” meal as your guests will naturally pull up a chair & gather around the spit as it cooks!

How much fuel to use?

If you’re unsure, spitmaster Terry McEvoy shares his basic rule of thumb for how much fuel to use when spit roasting.

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