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Tips for a magnificent Christmas roast

If you’re reading this then we know you’ve wisely chosen to cook your Christmas roast on the BBQ, why wouldn’t you? How else can you achieve that sought-after, authentic barbecue taste? Only the high dry heat of cooking over coals balanced with flavour-infused smoke will give you this result, friends.

Let’s look at our 5 best BBQ roast tips…

Meat thermometer – Your beautifully cut and well-seasoned piece of meat is looking almost done. Or is it? A meat thermometer is still our favourite, never-fail way to tell if meat is done. Learn more on doneness.

Cooking method – You’ll be using the Indirect method of cooking for your roast (always used for larger pieces of meat).

BBQ Starter – Our bestselling BBQ accessory is your right-hand-man when it comes to lighting your BBQ. Check out how it works.

Christmas Ham BBQ Recipe – Such a classic. Use leftovers to make hot grilled sandwiches comprising of ciabatta, cheese & tomato (throw on the BBQ and grill to melting, cheesy perfection).

BBQ Taste Mate – See why thousands have found our BBQ App to be a great help when standing over the Q. Taste Mate will guide you along each recipe from lighting the BBQ through to removing the cooked meat.

Merry Christmas, real BBQers!