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BBQ tips for your Christmas turkey

We can’t imagine not cooking our Christmas turkey on the BBQ. After all, no other cooking method will give you that real smoky, chargrilled taste achieved when roasting it over coals. Crisp, seasoned skin on the outside. Tender, white meat on the inside.

To achieve your best Christmas turkey yet, follow these simple steps…

• Check out our popular Turkey in a Weber BBQ Recipe (includes video).
• Use our free Turkey Cook Time Calculator – it tells you when to start cooking your turkey depending on the weight of your bird. This ensures your turkey is perfectly cooked through and well rested before your guests arrive.
• Use the Indirect method for roasting your turkey.
• Add 20-30 minutes extra cooking time if you’re using stuffing.
• Pre-order or get in early for your turkey. They’ve been known to fly off the shelves by Christmas Eve.
• Whilst the turkey will be the main attraction, having a wide selection of barbecued side dishes will help it shine.

Just over a week left to prep, grilling friends. Good luck!