Hickory Smoked Christmas Ham BBQ Recipe

Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes shares their Hickory Smoked Christmas Ham Recipe

Hickory Smoked Christmas Ham BBQ Recipe


  • 1 leg of pickled pork
  • brown sugar
  • fine breadcrumbs
  • marmalade
  • port

Also Required: Weber Kettle BBQ, Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes, Heat Beads® Hickory Woodchips



Ask your butcher to prepare a leg of pickled pork about 4-5 kg and let it hang in the cool room for a couple of days prior to you picking it up (this allows the pork to dry a little).

Prior to the day you wish to cook the pork – say 24 hrs ahead – soak in a bucket of water a reasonable quantity of Heat Beads® Hickory Woodchips (available at all Woolworths stores)

On the day!

Set up your Weber, with Heat Beads® Briquettes to each side, add two or three Firelighters to the top of each pile and you’re ready to go – Ensure top and bottom vents are open and lid is off.

When the briquettes are ready (covered in a light coloured ash), lightly rub skin of leg with oil, cover with foil and secure with toothpicks. Prick foil all over to allow smoke to penetrate and just prior to putting it in the Weber, place a generous quantity of drained hickory woodchips on top of the briquettes. Place a large drip tray underneath to catch juices.

Leave for about two hours. This is the perfect opportunity to get all the last minutes jobs done with a glass of eggnog!  You will create a lot of smoke so if you can pre-warn your neighbours, all the better!

After 2 hours take the ham off the Weber.  Add more Heat Beads® Briquettes to each side, leaving the lid off so they ignite. Take the leg to the kitchen and with a sharp knife remove the outer skin.

Make up a glaze of brown sugar, fine breadcrumbs, marmalade jam and port. Score the fat in a diamond pattern and dot with cloves. Liberally smear the leg with the glaze, return to the Weber (ensuring the newly added briquettes are ashed over (white)) and cook for a further 90 minutes.

Carve, eat, enjoy!

Have a wonderful Safe Christmas from the Heat Beads® Team!

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