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BBQ recipes for a tasty New Years

To be honest we can’t even remember the resolutions we made for 2013. What we do remember is how we chose to ring in the new year – around the BBQ with friends and family, of course. The start of 2014 will be no different.

Here are some of our tried and true BBQ recipes to help you celebrate this occasion…

BBQ Rub Recipe – As more of our community get confident with their chargrilling skills, they’ve been asking for great base ideas to explore and create their own recipes. A classic barbecue rub is a good place to start. We recommend making a large batch and storing with the rest of your spices for future use. As it’s a dry rub it can keep for quite some time if kept airtight.

Bronzed Prawns BBQ Recipe – It’s summer here in the Great Land of Oz so prawns are a staple feature on our BBQ menu. Quick to cook, versatile and easily available throughout the season. As this is done shell-on, you’ll soon discover the shells are jam-packed with flavour, even more so when cooked over coals.

Lamb Roast BBQ Recipe – Instead of serving a variety of different small chargrilled dishes, we occasionally like to just have one big main coupled with potatoes and salad. If you’re feeling this way too, then we recommend a large, traditional roast. Great for crowds and less work for you. This one is our most popular roast recipe to date, but feel free to browse our other roast BBQ recipes for more inspiration. Remember to let your roast rest and carve against the grain.

Thanks for making 2013 so great for us, folks. Happy New Year!