Turkey Cooking Tips

Check out our tips on achieving a perfectly cooked turkey on the BBQ.

Turkey Cooking Tips

Tip 1

The cooking style to use for turkey and other large cuts of meat is Indirect.

Tip 2

One of the most common questions we get at this time of year is “How many Heat Beads® BBQ Briquette do I need in my kettle (Weber™) BBQ?” We recommend heating your BBQ to medium to cook a turkey. The baskets in your Weber™ should be full.

Tip 3

To ensure a moist, tender turkey, cover the breast with foil one hour into the cooking process.

Tip 4

Ensure all poultry is fully cooked before eating, to be safe use a meat thermometer. Poultry is fully cooked when internal temperature is 76-77ºC (170ºF), add an extra 20 minutes of cooking time per 10°C that the bird is off the desired temperature.

Tip 5

You may need to add an extra 20-30 minutes cooking time if your bird has stuffing and remember to stand the bird for 10 minutes before carving.

To help you cook the perfect turkey, check out the step-by-step video (above right).

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