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BBQ Cleaning Tips

So we love the research, excitement, preparation, marinating, cooking, smoking, grilling, tasting and sharing aspect of every BBQ. The cleaning bit afterwards? Not so much. However, to get the most of your machine, it has to be well cared for (and this includes giving it a regular clean).

Here are some simple BBQ cleaning tips…

– Always clean as you go. We promise that will mean an easier and less time consuming clean in the end! It is best to scrub the BBQ with a metal grill brush before and after cooking (while the grate is still piping hot) to get it clean.

– The grill plate should then be oiled to preserve its life. Do this by dipping a paper towel in oil, then using BBQ tongs to run the oil along the grate.

– Remove the grates – and anything else on the inside of the barbecue – and remove the ash. Make sure the grill has cooled before you do this.

– Use an unwanted rag/newspaper/thick paper towel to clean the inside. Some people use a garden hose to wash it down for a more thorough clean.

– Place the grates on newspaper and spray on heavy duty oven cleaner. Wait a few hours until the cleaner has soaked in before giving the grates a good brush down.

– Wipe the outside of the barbecue with a wet rag and some gentle cleaning soap. Be careful not to use a wire brush as you don’t want to scratch off any paint.

Not only does cleaning help prolong the life of your barbecue, it ensures a safer and tastier BBQ meal.

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