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Lighting Tips

With Spring just begun and Footy Finals Fever in the air, now is the time to go out and BBQing! To help get you started, we’ve included some handy tips for lighting your BBQ here.

If you’re using a Weber Kettle, see our best BBQ tips for lighting this popular grill.

We know more and more of our readers are becoming fans of the spit roast. Check out our top tips on lighting a spit roast.

For those with a Heat Beads® BBQ Starter (including those lucky enough to win one of our best selling BBQ Starters as part of our Epic BBQ Chef competition), watch the video on how to light it.

It’s also important to use the right cooking method depending on what’s on the menu. Read about how to prepare your barbecue for the Indirect and Direct method. Use Direct for things like steaks and vegetables, and Indirect for roasts and whole fish. It’s that easy!