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BBQ spit recipes worth sharing

We continue to see a surge of interest in spit roasting as more and more Australians take to this wonderful, authentic way of cooking. Other than the obvious taste factor, the steady rotation of the spit ensures your food is cooked evenly. Crisp on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. Let’s get started with some spit roast BBQ recipes we thought were worth sharing…

Chicken Spit Roast BBQ Recipe
This is the creation of one of our fans, Lionel Crack. Expect the sweetness of the peaches to balance well with the salty, golden chicken skin. There are no rules with this recipe so feel free to substitute peaches with a similar fruit of your choice. Thanks for sharing, Lionel!

Greek Lamb Spit Roast BBQ Recipe
Does it seem like we highlight this recipe a lot? Because we do. For the simple reason that it’s damn good and still sits in our top 10 BBQ recipes of all time. Serve with crusty bread and tzatziki.

Spit roasting tips for beginners from Terry McEvoy of Spithouse Spits:
1) Start with learning how to light your fantastic machine.
2) Read Terry’s general rule of thumb for how much fuel to use.
3) Depending on what your roasting, follow his basic guide for cooking times.

Get spitting, folks. There’s no time like the present!