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Christmas Turkey on the Weber

We’ve been doing this every year now and we’ve got our tricks down pat. If you’re joining us in cooking your Christmas turkey on the BBQ, then hold tight, because you’re in for tender, juicy turkey with the smoky, chargrill taste.

A good Christmas turkey starts with a great recipe
Look no further than our tried and tested Christmas Turkey BBQ Recipe. There’s even a handy video to walk you through the steps.

The turkey calculator
One of the handiest cooking tools you’ll use this season – just enter the weight of your bird and the calculator will work out what time you should start cooking.

Turkey cooking tips
We’ve compiled our top 5 turkey cooking tips.

Get in early
Avoid the rush and get your turkey early. Yes, supermarkets have been known to run out especially on Christmas Eve.

Stay tuned next week for Christmas roast ideas.