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BBQ recipes for Spring and beyond

Hope returns at about this time every year – when the days grow longer, the nights a little warmer, and winter slowly becomes a distant memory. Hardcore chargrillers will continue to spend hours perfecting their low ‘n’ slow technique (something they’ve done all through winter), whilst the rest of us will dust off the BBQ and start thinking about what to throw on it this season.

Here are a few BBQ recipe ideas to kick off our favourite time of year…

Pomegranate Lamb Kebabs BBQ Recipe
Let’s ease into it with something quick and easy. Marinate your lamb pieces in a unique mixture of pomegranate molasses, garlic, mint, cardamom and lemon. Then skewer and grill. If you like, add evenly cut veggies to the skewer and you’ve almost got yourself a balanced meal!

All Purpose Dry Rub BBQ Recipe
Whenever we’ve given our fans a simple, base flavour to start off with, they always come up with some delicious BBQ dishes they can call their own. This is Bob Hart’s famous dry rub which will go fabulous with most meats. Time to get creative, friends!

Tequila, Chilli & Lime Salmon BBQ Recipe
Here in Australia we’re lucky to have access to some of the best quality salmon in the world. This BBQ recipe will prove why salmon pairs so well with spicy, zesty flavours. Visit BBQ tips for our advice on grilling fish.