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BBQ recipes with an Asian twist

Whatever the name for it – BBQ, braai, asado, churrasco, lovo – every culture has a history steeped in cooking over live fire. Today, we’re salivating over BBQ recipes inspired by our friends in the East.

Ben O’Donoghue’s Thai BBQ Chicken Recipe
Thai food lovers, the BBQ takes your favourite cuisine to a new level. Expect all your classic flavours in this dish: Sweet, sour & spicy with fresh coriander.

Cantonese Style Ribs BBQ Recipe
Ribs are synonymous with real BBQ. Try this Cantonese take on your classic American ribs. Instead of Coca Cola, the sweetness is derived from a combination of Hoisin, plum sauce and honey.

Singapore Style Crayfish BBQ Recipe
Crayfish benefits immensely from cooking over the BBQ. Cooking it in the shell means the moistness is intact resulting in a perfectly tender, sweet flesh with a hint of smokiness.

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*Image copyright Good Chef Bad Chef.