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Top dough based BBQ recipes

It is our firm belief that you can cook anything on the BBQ – even the damper for your stew, the hot rolls for your smoked ham and the sourdough slices for your smoky eggplant dip.

Over the years we’ve tasted and trialled hundreds of breads cooked on the barbie. Here are our favourites…

Ben O’Donoghue’s BBQ Crumpets Recipe
This was one of the most requested recipes from Drive Thru Australia and currently sits in our top 10 BBQ recipes of all time. Perfect as an accompaniment to your bacon & egg BBQ breakfast when out on the road.

Sourdough Bread BBQ Recipe
We love sharing recipes from our BBQ community. This one is from Tony Layh, a dedicated briquettes user. Use this for any main that requires a bread-based side, slice it for dips or halve it for your pulled pork sandwiches.

BBQ Damper Recipe
Ah, the classic Aussie bread for real BBQ lovers. Perfect as is for mopping up all that tasty stew gravy or add fruit (then smother with butter) for a satisfying dessert.


*Image copyright Drive Thru Australia.