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The basics on lighting your BBQ

The Aussie BBQ season is slowly creeping up on us – with Father’s day only a few weeks away and the AFL season now in full swing, the BBQs are coming out to play. If it’s been awhile, it’s time to brush up on the basics.

Let’s start with our most popular lighting query: How to light a kettle BBQ

Check out our quick video above on how to easily light your kettle style BBQ. To make things even easier, why not try a BBQ Starter?

And remember, all our BBQ recipes on BBQ Taste Mate have step-by-step instructions for lighting & cooking. It’s like having your very own grill guru in your backyard!

How to light a spit roast
If it isn’t evident enough, we are huge fans of spit roasting. It quite literally is a feast for the eyes. Check out our best tips for lighting your spit roast and when you’re ready, try our favourite Garlic Lamb Spit Roast BBQ recipe or take your pick from any one of these tasty spit roast BBQ recipes.