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Outback Cooking by Andrew Dwyer

Recently the Heat Beads® team came across this great book and thought you might like to check it out for yourselves.

Featuring a delicious compilation of over 100 recipes for the road, the barbecue or your kitchen, Outback Cooking is a must-read for all barbecue enthusiasts and foodies.

With over 20 years in the tourism industry and a string of tourism awards (including the prestigious Victorian Tourism Award for Most Significant Contribution by an Individual to the Tourism Industry); experienced bushman, cooking presenter and chef Andrew Dwyer takes you on a journey around Australia’s majestic outback. Along the way, you will learn the best techniques for using camping ovens, selecting the right equipment, keeping your food fresh and tips on how to build a fire.

This award-winning authour has teamed up with photographer John Hay to feature stunning images of the outback with every page-turning recipe.

Andrew Dwyer is currently in the process of filming a new television series, The Campfire Chronicles. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for it on our TV screens!