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The British Barbecue Society’s Mayhem in May

It is always good to know that the love of barbecue is not just local, but global as well, and the Heat Beads® Team love to keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of barbecue.

Over in Surrey, England, The British Barbecue Society’s Mayhem in May kicked off with a total of 13 teams, all vying for the Grand Champion prize. Along the way, recipes were shared, BBQs were fuelled, and friends were made.



*All images courtesy of The British Barbecue Society.

If you are in the neighbourhood (that’s the Minley Nusery on Spoil Lane in Surrey!) and would like to join in the festivities, Round 2 of the BBBQS 2010 Championships is set to take place next month on July 24-25 and is open to all.

*Heat Beads® was a proud sponsor of the The British Barbecue Society’s Mayhem in May.