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Memorial Day BBQ Recipes

Whilst us Aussies are pulling out our winter jackets and boots, our friends in the US are dusting off the deck chairs, beach umbrellas and bikinis as they prepare for another fantastic summer grilling season. As always, it all begins with the highly anticipated Memorial Day weekend.

Here’s a menu we feel is worthy to kick off the new season…

Beef Short Ribs BBQ Recipe
For those of you who’ve already downloaded our updated version of BBQ Taste Mate – you’ll find this recipe in the Cooking for a Crowd category. Follow our handy step-by-step guide from setting up the barbecue through to the cooking process. For those who don’t have the app, you can still cook-along with Adrian via the recipe video.

Grilled Tuna with Tapenade BBQ Recipe
We love how simple this is. Make sure to use the freshest piece of tuna you can get your hands on and serve it whilst it is still a little pink on the inside. This recipe is also available in BBQ Taste Mate.

Thai Lemon Honey Sauce BBQ Recipe
We thought you might like the option to create your own dish – so here’s a sweet and tangy sauce by Steven Raichlen that goes particularly well with seafood. Get inspired!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, friends!


*Image copyright Good Chef Bad Chef.