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Winter Roast Series: Tips for setting up your BBQ

Welcome to the 1st official day of the Aussie winter and the kick off to our popular Winter Roast Series. Our loyal followers will know we dedicate the entire month of June to glorious roasts on the BBQ.

Here are the basics on setting up…

Indirect or Direct?
If it’s a roast, you should always be using the Indirect Method – that is, placing the briquettes on the side of your kettle BBQ and your food over a drip tray in the middle. This helps ensure your food is evenly cooked right through (not just on the outside) when it’s being roasted low and slow.

Achieving the right temperature
Here are some basic BBQ tips on achieving the right temperature for your desired roast. Remember, you can also use the vents (open or closed) on your BBQ to help control the temperature.

Getting fired up in no time
Our popular BBQ Starter has helped thousands achieve glowing, hot briquettes the easy, no-fuss way. Check out how it works in this video.

Cooked to your liking?
Whether you want it well done, medium or rare (our favourite), a meat thermometer can help you. Some argue it’s the most precise way to ensure meat is cooked to your preference. Best of all, meat thermometers are not expensive and easily available in the baking section of your local supermarket. Check out our basic temperature guide for further info.

For other troubleshooting hints, don’t forget to visit BBQ tips.

Come back next week when we start talking about the good stuff… good ol’ pork roasts.