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BBQ recipes for unexpected guests

Inspired by Steven Raichlen’s blog on his recommendations for unexpected dinner guests, we thought we’d put together a menu of our own in the event this happens to you. Here are a few quick & easy BBQ recipes you can put together…

Beef Teriyaki Skewers BBQ Recipe
One of our favourite budget recipes as it uses chuck steak instead of the more expensive beef cuts. Feel free to swap cuts or make chicken versions if preferred – either will taste great.

Garlic Prawns BBQ Recipe
This recipe is literally garlic, prawns and butter. Whilst this recipe calls for the prawns to be marinated overnight – in this instance, simply marinate them for as long as you can (or until briquettes are ashed over and ready to go).

The Perfect Steak BBQ Recipe
…or you can skip all the above and go for a classic barbecued steak. This one is by Adrian Richardson and includes a recipe video.

Your veggie fix
Easy ideas for classic BBQ veggies…
Barbecued Corn BBQ Recipe – includes 2 tasty variations.
Barbecued Asparagus BBQ Recipe – keep it simple per the recipe or serve wrapped in some grilled bacon.
Grilled Zucchini Salad BBQ Recipe – if you have a few more ingredients on hand, turn your grilled zucchini into this fresh, aromatic salad.

Our philosophy is – whatever you throw/smoke on the grill will turn to gold. Good luck!