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Spit roast tips: How much fuel to use

This is probably in the top 5 questions we get asked the most about spit roasting…

How much fuel to use?

We spoke to spitmaster Terry McEvoy and his philosophy is simple…

“Don’t overload the fuel. An even layer of no more than 2 briquettes thick directly under the meat is sufficient. I like to add a handful (about 12) of BBQ briquettes to the existing ones after about 1 1/2 hours of cooking. This helps keep the heat constant and makes for a very even roast.”

Remember, folks – don’t go overboard with the fuel. Terry’s advice on fuel, combined with the steady rotation of your rotisserie, will ensure a nice even heat resulting in a perfectly cooked meal. And to help keep it nice and moist, we recommend the basting technique.

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