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How to light a Cobb® Cooker

Wondering how to light your Cobb® Cooker?

  • We have found the best way to light briquettes in preparation for cooking in a Cobb® Cooker is to use an old steel can (the size of a large tin of dog food, or a Milo can). Remove the top and bottom of the can and cut holes around the base to allow air to flow through, creating a mini chimney starter.
  • Place the can over firelighters in the centre of your Cobb®, place briquettes into the can and light the firelighters. The briquettes are stacked closely together, creating a more concentrated heat source that allows the briquettes to catch alight and ash over easily. Once the briquettes have ashed over, carefully remove the can using BBQ tongs. You are now ready to cook.
  • CAUTION – The can will be extremely hot, leather gloves or an oven mitt must be worn to reduce risk of burns. For safety, leather gloves should also be worn when cutting holes in the can and care taken when in contact with sharp edges.
  • Please note: Heat Beads® Easy-Lite® briquettes are not designed for use with a  Cobb® Cooker due to the small number of briquettes used.
  • When you are ready, browse our great selection of BBQ Recipes and get cookin’!