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Delicious beer and BBQ pairings

You don’t need to be a food connoisseur to figure out which beer will pair best with what’s coming off your Q. Whilst a beer sommelier (yes, they do exist) will go into tremendous detail about what you should/shouldn’t serve, we like to keep it simple with this basic philosophy: Darker beers for rich food, lighter beers for light food.

If your local liquor store is having a good deal on heavier beers (dark ale, stout, porter), pair them with these delicious BBQ recipes…

Asado Beef Ribs BBQ Recipe
Marinated with our all-time favourite Argentinean sauce, Chimichurri.

Lamb Shish Kebab BBQ Recipe
Ben O’Donoghue presents his very own barbecued shish kebab grilled in a strong and flavourful Harissa spice mix.

If you’re more of pilsner, pale larger or light ale person, serve up these tasty BBQ recipes…

Mango Scallops BBQ Recipe
Perfect for a spring BBQ and very quick to whip up. Recipe also includes video.

Cedar Plank Salmon BBQ Recipe
Plank grilling keeps your fish moist whilst imparting just the right amount of smoky flavour to your food. You don’t need a lot of practice to master plank grilling, it’s easier than you think.

Jalapeno Chicken Wings BBQ Recipe
Light beers also pair well with spicy food. We like to make these wings extra spicy, but you can cut back as you wish. Maybe do half and half so you can cater for all guest preferences!

If you’ve got other great pairing ideas, give us a shout on Facebook. In the meantime, feel free to come up with your own pairings using our tasty BBQ recipes.


*Image copyright Drive Thru Australia.