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BBQ recipe ideas for Oktoberfest

It’s been said that more than 6 million people travel to Munich about this time every year to attend the Oktoberfest – an integral part of Bavarian culture, along with sausages, roast pork, beer, etc. Across Australia, thousands will be gathering across pubs and beer gardens to celebrate this much-loved global festival. If you’re not heading out yourself, here are some ideas for your very own Oktoberfest BBQ…

BBQ Sausage Recipe
We admit, homemade sausages are not the easiest recipe to attempt but it really is worth the trouble. Especially when you know exactly what’s going into your sausage, no nasties, only the freshest ingredients. We recommend making a large batch of sausages so you have extra that you can freeze for future use. Grill and serve with ketchup, mustard or Bob Hart’s Barbecue Sauce.

Pork with Crackling BBQ Recipe
The last time we barbecued this was winter – that’s way too long ago. Keep this simple by following the 3 basic rules to golden crackling (explained in the recipe). Serve with a simple salad and let this spectacular dish speak for itself.

Let’s get it smokin’
It’s not Oktoberfest if there’s no beer. But beer isn’t just for drinking, use it to soak your woodchips before adding to your BBQ for incredible flavour. Watch the video and let Adrian Richardson show you how easy it is to use woodchips.

As always, take a browse through our tasty range of BBQ recipes to find more additions for this weekend’s menu.

Happy Oktoberfest!