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BBQ recipes for Melbourne Cup celebrations

It’s one of our favourite BBQ-filled weekends in the Aussie summer calendar – Melbourne Cup. As always, you know we’ll be celebrating around the Q.

Check out our BBQ recipe ideas for the occasion…

Beef Short Ribs BBQ Recipe (includes video)
Who doesn’t love meltingly soft, fall-off-the-bone ribs? This is one of Adrian Richardson’s classic dishes and a much loved favourite at Heat Beads® HQ. You’ll also find this in our BBQ Taste Mate App – which means you get step-by-step instructions from lighting the BBQ through to knowing when to remove the meat from the heat.

Mushroom Burger BBQ Recipe
This recipe’s got the tick of approval from the fussiest of meat eaters. Think beautifully, soft chargrilled mushrooms, lathered with herb butter, topped with a smoky chilli sauce, then sandwiched between two perfectly grilled buns. It’s also one of the quickest dishes to whip up so is great if you wanted to use this as a starter whilst the mains are cooking. To make them more of an entrée size, simply cut each burger in half, pierce with a toothpick to hold it together, and plate on a large serving platter so guests can help themselves. P.S. This one’s also in BBQ Taste Mate.

Grilled Apple Steaks
We spoke last week about throwing apples on the barbecue. Here’s Steven Raichlen’s quickest apple recipe ever: Slice apples crosswise into thick slices, brush with butter, grill with some cinnamon and serve hot with ice cream. Quick, tasty & budget friendly.

And if you truly want to impress your friends, check out the basics to beer and BBQ pairing.

Have a great Melbourne Cup weekend!


*Image copyright Good Chef Bad Chef.