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BBQ tips: Safe meat handling

Safe meat handling should be a top priority for any griller. Below are some basic tips to keep in mind whenever handling meat or poultry – common sense to some, but may be an eye opener to others.

1) Wash hands before and after handling raw meat.
2) Sanitise surfaces, utensils and equipment that have come into contact with raw meat.
3) Keep raw meats separate to cooked foods.
4) Some people buy colour coded chopping boards for raw and cooked items to avoid cross contamination.
5) Be wary of instances when juices from raw meat could drain on to cooked food (grocery basket, fridge, etc.)
6) Defrost meats in the fridge, never on the sink in room temperature.
7) Never refreeze meat that’s been defrosted.
8) Keep some cooler bags handy in the car for the drive from butcher to home. These are easily available from the supermarket for a couple of dollars.
9) Unless you are marinating or applying a rub, use tongs/utensils to handle meat where possible.
10) If you’ve bought mince to make burgers, freeze immediately if not being used on the same day. Your steaks, ribs, roasts can be kept in the fridge for 1-2 days before frozen.

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Safe grilling!