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BBQ spit tips: How much fuel?

We’ve always said one of our favourite things about spit roasting – aside from the taste – is the fact that it gives everyone the chance to get involved (don’t be shy, help yourself to the basting brush and baste, people!). It’s also a great talking point at any party.

So we’re delighted to announce an entire month dedicated to spit roasting – it kicks off today.

Let’s start with one of the most common questions asked by new spit roasters…

How much fuel to use?

We spoke to spitmaster Terry McEvoy and his philosophy is simple…

“Don’t overload the fuel. I reckon about an even layer of no more than 2 briquettes thick directly under the meat is sufficient.”

Remember, folks – don’t go overboard with the fuel. Terry’s advice on fuel, combined with the steady rotation of your rotisserie, will ensure a nice even heat resulting in a perfectly cooked meal. And if your next question is how long to cook your roast for, visit BBQ tips for help on cooking times.

When you’re ready, check out some of these delicious spit roast dishes at BBQ Recipes.

P.S. Don’t go far, spit roasters. We’ve got a special surprise in store for you next week.