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BBQ cleaning tips for winter roasting

Just 2 sleeps until the Aussie winter where we’ll be doing a whole lot of slow roasting with rich meats and veggies. Here are our top tips for cleaning your Q to have it ready for the season…

– The cardinal rule: Clean as you go. This means an easier & less time consuming clean. Try a metal grill brush (after every cook & whilst the plate is still hot) with a spritz bottle filled with plain water. Some people also swear by fresh lemon (run cut side down along the grates).

– Remove the grates and the ash after the BBQ has cooled. Discard of anything else (burnt pieces of food, etc.).

– Place the grates on newspaper and spray on heavy duty oven cleaner. After a few hours, give the grates a good scrubbing.

– Wipe down the inside of the BBQ with an old rag/newspaper or hose down if you prefer.

– Oil your cleaned grill plate. Using BBQ tongs, dip a paper towel in oil then run it along the grate.

– For the outside of the barbecue, use a wet rag (no wire brushes, you don’t want any scratches) with mild cleaning soap to help keep clean & maintain shine.

Now for the fun part. Browse our delicious winter roasting BBQ recipes for a satisfying season of simple, budget-friendly, heartwarming meals.