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Vietnamese BBQ recipes

“BBQ culture is huge in Vietnam. As you walk down the streets, especially the food districts, you’ll see stalls and stalls of people barbecuing different meats over charcoal. It evokes smells and sounds not just unique to Vietnam. It draws you into the stalls… it’s delicious.” – NamDo Quach, Vietnamese Street Food Specialist in Episode 3 of Keepers of the Flame – The Ultimate BBQ Adventure.

Savour a taste of authentic Vietnamese grilling with NamDo’s very own barbecued meat rolls, as well as our other favourite Vietnamese inspired BBQ recipes

Betel Leaf Pork & Beef Rolls BBQ Recipe
NamDo’s betel rolls have wowed us so much it’s made multiple appearances on our BBQ menus this season. Putting together the rolls is easier than it looks and only requires a quick cook on the Q.

Saigon Marinade BBQ Recipe

This is an old family recipe by another follower (thank you Victoria!) who uses this especially for lamb chops. It’s simple with only a handful of ingredients. Also tastes great as an overnight marinade for your lamb roast.

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