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We’re back on Good Chef Bad Chef!

*Update 24/2/2012 – The show has been moved to the new time slot of 3:30pm for the remainder of the series.

After a stellar season on one of our favourite cooking programs, we’re excited to announce we’re back on board for 2012 – bigger, smokier and tastier than ever! Good Chef Bad Chef Season 4 will hit Aussie screens weekdays at 4pm AEST starting this Monday, December 19 on Channel TEN.

Chefs Adrian Richardson and Janella Purcell return with shiny new tongs ready to share BBQ recipes that are tasty, convenient and good for you. There’ll also be some great BBQ tips to give your chargrilling skills that extra special touch.

And of course, keep checking Good Chef Bad Chef recipes as the season progresses for all the BBQ recipes from the show.

Check out some behind-the-scenes photos from our recent set visit…

Our favourite tong masters are back!
Adrian using our new Heat Beads® BBQ Starter
Janella’s BBQ creation – coming soon in Season 4!

P.S. We launched the biggest Australia Day competition in Heat Beads® history on the show last season, who knows what we’ll do this year? Stay tuned, grillers…