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The Beethoven Syndrome

We read a great story this week on Steven Raichlen’s blog about a case of ‘Beethoven Syndrome’ hitting the world of barbecue. He tells the tale of Varun Parti – a devout Hindhu and vegetarian – who is head pitmaster of the Aldie Country Store in Aldie, Virginia.

Ironically, Varun tastes the rubs and sauces before they are used on the store’s famous ribs, pulled pork and brisket – but he won’t eat the finished product!

We’re asking this question: Are you famous for cooking something you don’t eat?

Whilst you are pondering the question, here is our favourite ribs recipe of the moment…

Beef Short Ribs BBQ Recipe (includes video)
It’s no secret that we love spice here in Heat Beads® land – and this one packs a punch with Adrian using tabasco and fresh chillis.

Plus, our current favourite vegetarian recipe…
Eggplant and Zucchini Rolls with a homemade sunflower seed pesto and finished off with some decent buffalo mozzarella. Oh, such pretty looking things!

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