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Eggplant Dolmades BBQ Recipe

Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes fan, Brigitte Stone, shares her delicious Eggplant Dolmades recipe.


  • an eggplant (preferably organic and big – so you get to eat more)
  • olive oil (or one of the new tea/chamomile/rice bran/grape seed type oils – but I looove the reliable old extra virgin organic olive oil)
  • danish feta (as it is creamy and yummy and salty)
  • fresh vine-ripened tomatoes


  • toasted pine nuts
  • bunch of basil
  • pinch sea salt
  • garlic
  • olive oil




Slice the eggplant lengthways so that you have several pieces. The thickness is subjective – I like mine juicy so cut it thicker and cook it longer. If crispy and well-cooked is desired, simply slice thinner (it will also cook faster so you can EAT faster!!!)

To cook, brush each side with olive oil and place it on your weapon of choice (BBQ or grill plate). To get it really tasty I saturate with MORE olive oil (I like to convince myself it’s healthy in some way!)


After all the eggplant pieces are cooked to perfection, remove from the heat source and begin to assemble.


On the cooked eggplant pieces add a slice of crumbly Danish feta and a wedge of fresh tomato. (If you want to make this more substantial, add some parma ham, prosciutto or some other char-grilled veggies like peppers or sweet potato.)


Roll them up! (The oil on the eggplant and the moistness of the feta should allow them to stick without too much drama.)


Once they are all done (resembling dolmades or little fat cigars), put them back on the grill until they are warmed through.


Remove and place on a serving dish and dress with the pesto.



It’s easy and way nicer to make your own pesto.


It’s just char-grilled or toasted pine nuts, a bunch of basil, pinch of sea salt, as much garlic as you (or the people around you) can tolerate. I like to put a whole bulb on the grill for a minute – I find it takes the edge off, but still provides the pesto with a mellow garlic-ness. Then just process all hard ingredients together in a blender or mortar and pestle, and add a stream of olive oil until it’s the consistency you want.

Most chefs will tell you to stir in parmesan cheese as well, but I don’t really think it’s imperative. However, cheese is great so if you love it, ADD it!


For a light snack or starter, serve eggplant with pesto just like that. For a light lunch, try with an authentic Greek salad or simple greens. For a main course it’s great with Italian pork sausages and char-grilled potato wedges.

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