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Orthodox Easter BBQ recipes: Lamb and Beef

Continuing on from last week’s post on seafood BBQ recipes – we’re paying homage to our loyal followers with our best recipes and tips to celebrate the Orthodox Easter holiday on May 5.

This week we’re focussing on tasty lamb and beef options…

Slow Cooked Beef Ribs BBQ Recipe
This is tender, salty, sweet and spicy goodness all in one dish. Serve with some simple jacket potatoes.

Greek Lamb Spit Roast BBQ Recipe
A true classic and probably one of our most asked-about recipes. Here are our tips on how much fuel to use for your spit roast, plus how to light it.

Cooking with woodchips
Adrian Richardson shares his easy tips for barbecuing with woodchips. Easily add this to either of the above recipes for some added depth and flavour.

Finally, pair your Easter dishes with these delicious barbecued entrée and sides.

Here’s wishing our Orthodox fans & their families a wonderful Easter!


*Image copyright Good Chef Bad Chef.