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National Braai Day

National Braai Day is one of our favourite celebrations because it is dedicated to something we love to do: gather our family and friends for a great BBQ meal. Celebrated annually by South Africans on 24 September, the event commemorates the country’s deep cultural heritage and much loved pastime – the braai (Afrikaans for ‘barbecue’ or ‘grill’).

Let’s celebrate together with our fellow South Africans by trying out these great BBQ Recipes

African Lemon Chicken BBQ Recipe sent in by Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes fan, Trevor Block.

Harissa Mix Recipe by Ben O’Donoghue. Although more commonly known as a North African recipe, harissa is loved globally and will go well with lamb, fish and chicken.

Breakfast Braai BBQ Recipe by the man behind the National Braai Day initiative, Jan Braai.

And to really get into the spirit of the day, make sure you throw in some braaiwords (as defined by braai.com)…

abbraaiviation – a short braai
braai hard – a 90s action movie about a really rough guy who braais a lot
braaiathon – a very long braai
braai passenger – a person who arrives at the braai without any meat but joins in the eating

Happy National Braai Day to all South Africans!

P.S Have you got a great braai recipe to share? Submit it using the form on this page and we’ll share it with the rest of the char grilling community.

*Image copyright braai.com