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Aussie Grand Final Entertaining Guide

Tomorrow is one of the biggest days in the Aussie sporting calendar – the AFL Grand Final – and is generally celebrated with a backyard BBQ with friends and family. Over the years, the Heat Beads® team has had our fair share of Grand Final BBQs (both as host and guest) and have decided to put together a basic guide to help with the big day…

– You must have a BBQ that is cleaned and in working order. See our BBQ cleaning tips.

– You must have a main dish. Try Slow Roast Leg of Lamb, Spanish Style Chicken or Asian Style Salmon.

– Ensure you have sides and starters to complement your main. Try BBQ dips, Barbecued Asparagus or Corn with Mexican Molcajete Sauce.

– BBQs are not just for meat lovers; ensure there are plenty of vegetarian friendly options. Try Eggplant Dolmades or San Choi Bao.

– Finish off with a dessert like these tempting Individual Chocolate Soufflés.

– If there are kids around who are not keen on the game, make sure they have something else to do so they are not running around the TV and obstructing the view!

– Invite the neighbours or at least let them know you’ll be entertaining – hopefully it means they’ll be a bit more tolerant with the noise!

– Be generous with ice and other supplies so you don’t have to head out mid game for a refill. If you do, be responsible and have someone else drive if you’ve been drinking.

Happy Grand Final weekend!