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Keepers of the Flame recap

Did you tune in to TEN’s latest series, Keepers of the Flame – The Ultimate BBQ Adventure last Sunday? Finally, a show all about real BBQ has hit our screens.

Keepers Ep 1 a

In between the smoke, the smells and the comedic banter of Real BBQ Expert Colin Magee and Real BBQ Adventurer Henry Wagons, the show featured some seriously delicious BBQ recipes

Sticky Pork Ribs BBQ Recipe
Everyone has their own version of this family favourite. Colin uses soy sauce for saltiness, ketchup and brown sugar for sweetness and fresh red chillies for heat. Pair with the very versatile sourdough bread which can be charred quickly on the BBQ prior to serving.

Tomahawk Steaks with Chimichurri BBQ Recipe
Now we’re talkin’. As the name suggests, this cut of meat was so named because of its resemblance to a tomahawk. Just use rib eye if you can’t get your hands on this cut. This magnificent piece of meat is seasoned simply then served with classic Chimichurri sauce. When there’s real food and real fire involved, there’s no need to get fancy.

Keepers Ep 1 b

As Henry says in the Keepers opening, “Australia, now’s the time to lift our game… Our beloved grill can be so much more.” Continue to join us in the fight for real BBQ. Tune in at the same time this Sunday, 4:30pm on TEN for Episode 2.

P.S. We’re giving away 15 BBQ Prize Packs during season 1 of Keepers. Watch & you could win!