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June Winter Roast Series: Set up

Welcome to our June Winter Roast Series. We’ll be covering all things roast this month and we hope you’ll join us. Let’s start at the beginning: The set up.

Which method?
For roasting, use the Indirect method with the briquettes placed on the side of your kettle BBQ, and the food placed in the centre over a drip tray. This method is generally used for larger cuts of meat and ensures food is not just burnt on the outside, but cooked all the way through.

What’s all this talk about smoke?
Trust us, this part is worth it and is so easy to do. Simply throw some soaked wood chips on ashed over briquettes for a delicate, smoky taste that will only enhance the flavour of your roast. See our BBQ tips on smoking food.

Is it done yet?
Testing for doneness is important as you don’t want to take your roast off the BBQ when it’s not yet ready. See our BBQ tips on doneness for the various meats, seafood and poultry.

Join us next week as we share tips on achieving the perfect roast pork.