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June Winter Roast Series: Chicken

How did you go with last week’s roast pork? Let’s focus on the other white meat today: Chicken. Another great option for people who don’t eat red meat.

The legendary Beer Can Chicken
A must-try for anyone even remotely interested in chicken and/or grilling. There’s little room for error, and you can be sure the flesh will turn out moist, tender and packed with flavour.

Be generous with the BBQ rub, and drop some of the rub (with a couple cloves of garlic) into the beer can for extra goodness. Don’t forget a handful of woodchips for a gently smoked flavour. Learn more at Beer Can BBQ Chicken Recipe.

For some quicker options…
Bob Hart uses a butterflied chicken here and complements it with hickory smoke. You’ll also find his famous BBQ rub in this one. See Brilliant Barbecued Chicken Recipe.

Adrian Richardson adds some Spanish influence to this recipe with the likes of fresh coriander, ginger, smoked paprika and lemon. Zesty, chargrilled magic. See Spanish Style Chicken BBQ Recipe.

*Image copyright Good Chef Bad Chef.