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Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes now a major sponsor of HEAT

If there’s something we love more than giving the world the best barbecue briquette, then it’s definitely the opportunity to give back to the community whenever we can.

Australian Char Pty Ltd, makers of the best barbecue briquette in the world – Heat Beads® Barbecue Briquettes – are pleased to be working in collaboration with HEAT as a sponsor to the organisation’s practical youth program. We are especially moved by HEAT’s inspiring work with displaced youth, the strong emphasis on education and the belief that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to learn.

Among other things, the Heat Beads® sponsorship will give one young person the opportunity to complete the full HEAT program – giving them a pathway to a job and career in the hospitality industry. The success rate of this education is impressive with 31.9% of graduates moving into apprenticeships or employment, and an additional 39.1% pursuing further education or training.

To find out more about the excellent work that HEAT does with the youth of tomorrow, including how you can make a difference, visit www.heat.org.au