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Easy Fire Pit BBQ recipes

Our brand new Heat Beads® Fire Pit Barbecue is now available from Bunnings!

As promised last week, let’s get down to business. Here are some lip-smackin’ easy BBQ recipes for fire pit grilling…

Big Aussie Burger BBQ Recipe (includes video)
There’s nothing like the very first bite into a giant, juicy burger with all the trimmings. Perfect to commemorate your first cook off on the fire pit.
*This recipe is also available in our BBQ Taste Mate App.

BBQ Prawns Recipe
This one is the definition of simple. Grab fresh prawns, marinate, skewer (if you wish) and grill quickly over the fire pit. Serve immediately with a few extra wedges of lemon.

Veggie Kebabs BBQ Recipe
Budget-friendly and incredibly easy. Everyone can get involved with this one. Simply cube veggies (into similar sizes), skewer, season and display on a platter. Allow guests to share the fun by grilling their own.

Finished grilling? Throw some logs into the pit – it’s time for more bonding around an open fire.

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