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BBQ recipes for Easter

It’s Easter weekend, folks! Time for the mad dash to the shops to gather all your ingredients for a fabulous Easter meal – real BBQ style, of course.

Tequila & Chilli Salmon BBQ Recipe
Perfect if you’re refraining from any meat on Good Friday. This is zesty and spicy all in one. Leave the seeds in the Jalapeño peppers if you like the heat, otherwise remove them. Try to stick to good quality salmon purchased the day before/morning of the Q if at all possible.

Smoky Ribs BBQ Recipe
Bob Hart once told us that smoky ribs rule the world. This is his popular pork ribs recipe using his very own all-purpose barbecue rub and barbecue sauce.

Spit Roast Lamb BBQ Recipe
A classic favourite at our Easter BBQ – enough for the family & maybe even the neighbourhood! It takes time but is well worth the wait. If you prefer not to use whole lamb, then try this other Greek Lamb BBQ Recipe which uses a 3kg lamb shoulder.

Happy Easter from all of us at Heat Beads® HQ!

*Image courtesy Bob Hart.