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Easter spit roast: Poultry & marinades

We’re at the business end folks. Tomorrow is Good Friday. Time to get your act together.

Here are some alternatives to beef and lamb…

Peach Chicken Spit Roast recipe
Peaches and chicken make great partners – even on the spit roast. Better still, this one includes a delicious stuffing with dried peaches.

Terry’s Chicken Spit Roast recipe
If there’s one person that knows spits, it’s our favourite spitmaster, Terry McEvoy. This is one of his many spit roast recipes we’ve enjoyed. And here’s a basic guide on cooking times if you’re ever stuck.

Make it your own

Why not create your own spit roast recipe? Select from any one of these delicious marinades and rubs and go from there.

Spit roast tip of the week: Wood chips

Some of our readers are a bit nervous about using wood chips. Let Adrian Richardson show you how easy it is. He uses wood chunks in the video, but his tips also apply to wood chips for spit roasts.

Once briquettes have ashed over, simply throw a couple of wood chips directly under your roast. This will give your meat that authentic, smoky taste that can’t be achieved with any other method.

Happy Easter, spit roasters!