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Celebrating St. Martin’s Day

Every year at around this time, we give a very special shout out to our strong Danish following as they approach the November 11 St. Martin’s Day celebration. The menu for this special day traditionally includes duck – a meat that works beautifully on the grill.

Read about some of the history of St. Martin’s Day in last year’s post and help us celebrate together with these tasty duck BBQ Recipes

BBQ Duck with Peaches Recipe
Duck works wonderfully with fruit and the addition of peaches gives it just the right sweetness. This recipe uses duck breasts and will be a great start for those who aren’t completely comfortable working with a whole duck.

Pineapple Glazed Roast Duck BBQ Recipe
This is an Asian inspired dish and again, the fruit balances perfectly with the savouriness of the bird. You’ll be using a whole duckling with this one and cooking it in a kettle using the indirect method.

Happy St. Martin’s Day!