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Beer and BBQ matching

A true enthusiast will tell you that whatever comes off your BBQ should be paired with the right beverage. Much has been said about the marriage of food and wine, so let’s focus on beer instead.

There isn’t a hard and fast rule, just a general rule of thumb* which says: Heavier beers are to be coupled with heavy food and lighter beers with light food.

Darker heavier beers (stout, porter, dark ale) are akin to red wine and would normally go well with your grilled T bone steak, Aussie Lamb Roast, Barbecued Duck with Peaches or a rich, warm Chocolate Soufflé.

Lighter beers (pilsner, light ale, pale lager, wheat beer) will taste wonderful with your Beer Can BBQ Chook or Char Grilled Salmon on Sweet Mash.

Lighter beers also go well with spicy food, so if you were grilling Spicy Coconut Barramundi or Spicy Macadamia starters, you know what you’ll need to wash it down with.

*Our general rule of thumb is to just go with what you like!