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BBQ recipes for Valentine’s Day dinner

Lads, enough with the fancy dinners and the overpriced champagne. Surprise your Valentine with a romantic meal at home featuring a thoughtful, well-planned BBQ menu.

Check out our suggested BBQ Recipes…

Barbecued Crayfish Recipe
One of our most popular recipes. It’s the simplest seafood dish with only a handful of ingredients, so the key is to ensure the crayfish is fresh. Maybe even splurge on some premium quality French butter for that extra special touch. If you’ve met BBQ Taste Mate (our new iPhone App), he’ll walk you through the entire cooking process (including lighting your BBQ).

Chilli Lime Lamb Cutlets BBQ Recipe
This is another classic favourite and is good enough to have on its own. If you must have mint sauce (and don’t want to make it from scratch), you’ll find a variety of ready-made ones available in your general supermarket.

Grilled Chocolate Bread BBQ Recipe
For those who consider dessert as a bit of uncharted territory, this one is fool proof. Just imagine grilling cheese sandwiches – but with chocolate instead! Remember to serve immediately once removed from the BBQ.

Use the good cutlery (if you know where she keeps it) and don’t forget to clean up after – good luck!

*Image copyright MarthaStewart.com