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BBQ recipes for New Year’s celebrations

Don’t put the barbecue away just yet. You’ve still got a New Year’s meal to grill.

Since we’ve already done a fair share of slow roasting over Christmas, we’ve decided on a light and easy, finger food theme this year. Here are the BBQ Recipes that made the cut…

BBQ Prawns Recipe and BBQ Asparagus Recipe. These were two barbecue recipes we used for Christmas Day lunch. They are incredibly versatile and you can choose to serve them as is, or with your own homemade dipping sauce. See our tips on how to peel and devein prawns should you decide to grill them shell off.

BBQ Dips Recipe. It will be the colours that first draw your guests to this dish, but it will be the taste that will ultimately win them over!

Tofu Skewers with Asian Dressing Recipe. Tofu works great on the barbecue and we love the fact that you can cut it into any shape you like.

Uncle Barry’s Magic Mushrooms BBQ Recipe. This chicken and mushroom skewer recipe is double yum! We recommend making two batches – one with less/no chillis – for those that prefer a milder taste.

Thanks for a flame-tastic year and see you in 2012!