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BBQ Marinades

Some say the word marinade is of French and Italian origin – the French word is mariner and the Italian is marinato. Marinato is believed to be derived from a combination of the Latin word marina meaning sea – and the process of which food was preserved for sea at the time.

Why marinate?
Besides the obvious influence of flavour, marinades work as a tenderiser for meat and poultry. Marinating meat is also known to reduce the carcinogens produced when food is cooked at high temperatures* and may slow the growth of harmful bacteria (this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow safe meat handling.)

What are some tips to marinating?
Let celebrity chef Adrian Richardson tell you himself. Read his tips or watch the video on marinating beef here.

Get marinating
Start with the Ultimate Barbecue Marinade BBQ Recipe and next time experiment with something a little different – maybe the Tropical Marinade BBQ Recipe? Or if you prefer to pick your own recipe, browse through our delicious range at BBQ Recipes.

*Source: American Cancer Research Centre & Foundation www.acrf.org